CE Points

Ontario Dentists RCDSO credits

Category 1
The courses are approved by RCDSO who also determine the number of points for Category 1. If you claim an approved category 1 course in that category with RCDSO you will be awarded the points indicated as approved by RCDSO. A Category 1 course can only be claimed once as a category 1 course. It is permitted to repeat a category 1 course‎ in a new CE cycle but it must be claimed in the category 2 section of the portfolio.

Category 2
Category 2 courses are courses that are provided by recognized continuing dental education providers. These would include University Dental Faculties, AGD approved course providers, National and Provincial Dental Associations and their approved affiliates. Points for the University of Toronto courses are awarded by the Faculty of Dentistry University of Toronto based on the AGD system of awarding of points. Please note that any approved Category 1 course can be claimed in Category 2 but not in both. This may result if a dentist has completed the minimum of 15 points in Category 1 but needs points in Category 2 to make up the minimum 45 points required in that category. Category 2 courses cannot be claimed as Category 1. While the maximum for Category 3 courses is 30 points there is no minimum. Therefore points in excess of the minimum requirement for Category 1 or Category 2 can be claimed instead of Category 3 points to make up the total of the 90 points required.

All Other Dentists

Most licensing boards recognize accredited University Dental Schools as approved continuing dental education providers. University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry is also recognized by the Academy of General Dentistry.