Doc, I’ve Broken My Teeth. What Do We Do Now?

Presented by: Dr. Jordan Gerster

RCDSO Expiry Date: March 31, 2026

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RCDSO CE Points: 3, Category 1

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  • Dr Jordan Gerster

    Dr. Jordan Gerster HBSc, DMD

    Dr. Gerster was first exposed to the challenging and exciting world of dental traumatology when she did her General Practice Residency at the University of Michigan, which she completed in 2011. A graduate of UBC Dentistry, she is currently the on-call dentist for Western University Varsity Sports and runs a busy family practice.

    Dr. Gerster lives in London, Ontario, with her partner, Paul, and daughter, Myles. She loves her Peloton and chill time with friends and family.

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Dental trauma is a true emergency situation in dentistry that often arises at inopportune moments for both patient and dentist. It is a stressful time for general dentists, the dental team, and patients when a ‘trauma call’ is received. This course will review the etiology, epidemiology and types of trauma that a general practitioner in Ontario may encounter as well as the short- and long-term treatment of teeth and soft tissue affected by trauma. The course will also encourage participants to learn from one another by sharing their clinical experiences with trauma. This case-based course will educate participants on how they can help their patients avoid dental trauma and include discussion of the ethical responsibilities of Ontario dentists to provide emergency treatment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding patient evaluation, imaging, diagnosis and management of dental trauma and when to refer a patient with dental trauma to an oral surgeon or the hospital emergency room
  • Understanding patient management in a true ‘dental emergency’ situation
  • How to splint mobile or avulsed teeth
  • Key stages in the long-term management of traumatized teeth