Oral Pathology: What’s New & What’s Worth Remembering?

Presented by: Dr. Hagen B. E. Klieb and Dr. Peter Ta

RCDSO Expiry Date: August 31, 2024

To qualify as a Core Category 1 course, the course certificate must be issued no later than this date.

RCDSO CE Points: 6, Category 1

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  • Dr. Hagen B. E. Klieb DMD, MSc, FRCDC

    Dr. Klieb is an oral pathologist and staff clinician at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center with cross appointments to the departments of dentistry and anatomic pathology.  He is active in post-graduate dental and medical education, research and is a specialty licence examiner.

  • Dr. Peter Ta HBSc, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C)

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Associate in Dentistry, University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry

    Dr. Peter Ta has been an Associate in Dentistry at the  University of Toronto since 2015. Dr. Ta serves as an OMFS Staff Surgeon at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the Trillium Health Partners Hospital.

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Practical clinical oral pathology with emphasis on conditions commonly seen in the dental practic, such as diagnosis, management, use of screening tools and biopsies. (Especially those that are difficult to diagnose/manage, newly diagnosed conditions and premalignant/malignant lesions. Concepts in diagnosis will be discussed, in particular, adjuvant screening tools and the oral soft-tissue biopsy.)

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:Understand the

  1. Understand the etiology and management of oral lesions
  2. Better recognize oral lesions and formulate a differential diagnosis
  3. Develop a diagnostic approach including an understand of the oral soft-tissue biopsy technique