Topics in Oral Pathology & Dermatology: What Every Dentist Should Know

Presented by: Dr. Hagen B. E. Klieb

RCDSO Expiry Date: August 31, 2022

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RCDSO CE Points: 3, Category 1

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  • Dr. Hagen B. E. Klieb DMD, MSc, FRCDC

    Dr. Klieb is an oral pathologist and staff clinician at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center with cross appointments to the departments of dentistry and anatomic pathology.  He is active in post-graduate dental and medical education, research and is a specialty licence examiner.

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Dental examination begins with inspection of the facial skin and oral soft tissues. It is not uncommon for lesions to be identified and the dentist should be able to assess, document and either manage or refer appropriately.

Dr. Hagen Klieb (Oral Pathologist) will be reviewing a common-sense diagnostic approach for oral lesions, namely, white lesions, pigmented lesions and autoimmune disorders (eg. lichen planus, aphthous stomatitis). Management will be reviewed. There will also be discussion of the changing pattern of HPV-associated head and neck malignancies with emphasis on what the dentist must know.

Learning Objectives

Part I. Common oral pathology. To review common oral pathology (white lesions, pigmented lesion and autoimmune disorders) with emphasis on: diagnostic approach, management and follow-up.

Part II. HPV-associated head and neck malignancy. To discuss and understand the epidemic of HPV-associated malignancy, epidemiology and clinical presentation, emerging strategies for prevention and dental implications.