Periodontics for the General Practitioner

Presented by: Dr. Harinder Sandhu

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  • Dr. Harinder Sandhu DDS Ph.d, Cert. Periodontics

    Dr. Sandhu obtained his initial dental education in India and did his Ph.D. in Anatomy in 1982 from the University of Ottawa. He received his Certificate in Periodontics in 1985 from Loma Linda University and was supported by MRC of Canada during his pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training. He joined Western in 1985 as a Career Scientist of the Ontario Ministry of Health, joined the Faculty of Dentistry in 1987 and was promoted to the rank of full professor in 1998. Dr. Sandhu has served as Director and Vice-Dean of Schulich Dentistry at Western University and has served as the Chair of the Periodontics Division, and the Chair of the Admissions Committee in Dentistry and held the position of Director and Associate Dean in Schulich Dentistry (2004-2014). He has served as Chair of the Council of Deans (Dentistry) in Canada and President of the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry.

    In April 2012, Dr. Sandhu was awarded the ADEA/Sunstar Americas, Inc./Harry W. Bruce, Jr. Legislative Fellow Award from the Centre for Public Policy and Advocacy of ADEA; a three-month fellowship in Washington to gain first-hand experience working within the Congressional process on issues that relate to dental education, research and oral health. Dr. Sandhu received a previous fellowship from the ADEA in 2008-2009 and completed a year-long leadership institute program.

    Dr. Sandhu has lectured in China, India, U.S.A. and Italy. He has been a prolific researcher, especially in the area of periodontics, resulting in numerous academic awards and invitations to provide lectures on Periodontology worldwide. He has been recognized as a Fellow by the American College of Dentists and the International College of Dentists, Pierre Fauchard Academy and International Academy of Dentistry.

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Comprehensive management of complex patients require excellent diagnostic skills, enabling practitioners to apply correct periodontal therapy and also understand their limitations and when to refer patients. This course will update the general practitioner with customized maintenance therapy for various categories of patients.


  • Provide the participant with updated knowledge and the confidence to recognize, diagnose and treat gingivitis and periodonitis with the best treatment modalities based on individual risk assessment and current teaching.
  • Participants will learn the rationale to diagnose and select cases for advanced periodontal procedures to be incorporated into a comprehensive patient care model.