IT Considerations in the Dental Office

Presented by: Dr. Gordan Markic

RCDSO Expiry Date: April 30, 2022

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  • Dr. Gordan Markic DDS, FAGD, MISM, MNCM

    Dr. Gordan Markic received his DDS from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Zagreb.  He completed a hospital internship at Sunnybrook Medical Centre, University of Toronto, and fulfilled the requirements for the Fellowship of the Academy of General Dentistry.  He completed a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management and a Master’s degree in Networking and Communication Management at DeVry University.  He was the chair of the Electronic Record Keeping Task Force of the RCDSO and a member of the IT Sub Committee of the ODA.  Dr. Markic has a strong interest in IT integration in the dental profession.  Currently, he practices general dentistry in Mississauga.

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This lecture will cover the modern-day issues and problems that the dental office faces with networked information access.  This presentation is aimed at the dentist and the dentist’s responsibilities and interests in identifying and protecting their digital assets.  The approach, logic, and methods in protecting our files will be covered, so that we can build a solid foundation of IT security.